Friday, May 11, 2012

New Blog! New Army! New Dark Eldar!

OK, so I've finally gotten around to starting my Dark Eldar.   It's a small start, I'm only gonna build until around 1000pts and play a bunch a games to see what units I like and don't like before I continue.  My theme for my army will be an ALL FEMALE Kabal, so you'll notice that all the warriors I have (even on my vehicles) are all ladies and generally don't have helmets on (however I DO like the Reaver units that have helmets and long hair flowing behind and will be using those).  

The color scheme for my army will be mostly Black but with purple highlights on the edges.  There will also be red areas and gold areas on more elite characters and models.

Anyway, the leader of this Kabal is an Archon simply known as "The Baroness" and Kabal's name will be... Kabal of the Cobra's Kiss.   So, by now, anyone who grew up in the 80s will see some inspiration from the GI Joe toy line and a major villain called "The Baroness".  This is strictly intentional.   I'm going to be kitbashing an Archon and a Succubus finecast kit together to create her model and she'll probably have long black hair just like the cartoon character.

I purchased some resin iceworld bases for all my infantry and they should arrive in the mail this weekend so I'm modelling some of my vehicles in the meantime.    I'm going to be using ice and crystals for for my bases with Superman's Fortress of Solitude from the first Superman movie as major inspiration.   I found what I think will be a very cool way to model the crystals for these so stay tuned on that.

Anyway here are some picts of what I have done and how I magnetized the Dark Lances and Disruptors.  I'm gonna be pretty strict on myself to magnetize as much as possible since 6th edition is around the corner, you never know what units/weapons will get a boost with the new edition.

Here are the picts:

The picture below shows how I magnetized the weapons on my Ravager:

The pict below shows how I magnetized the Splinter Cannon and Twinlinked Splinter Rifles:

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